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Is GPU Shortage Around the World Coming to an End?

GPU prices to surge down this year

For the last two years, it is a bit difficult for gamers to buy their favorite GPUs due to the great shortage in stock all around the world. And this has also caused the prices of high-end graphics to spike up. Due to crypto mining and ongoing pandemic, flagship GPUs from Nvidia and AMD were out of stock on Amazon & eBay.

Disruption in the supply chain due to pandemics and huge demand in crypto mining is also part of this great shortage. This costs gamers around the world double the MSRP price for a GPU. But things have changed a lot in the month of May 2021, where prices are showing a downtrend. Does this mean that all of your favorite GPUs will be available at the MSRP price sooner or later?

Is GPU Shortage Around the World Coming to an End?

GPU Prices to See a Downfall

According to Tom’s Hardware, the inflated prices of GPUs around the world might see a dip in the coming months. This is when prices will pull back to MSRP level and GPUs would be readily available on Amazon & eBay. Recently, the price of Nvidia’s flagship GPU, the RTX 3090 has fallen down to 4%. Also, some other graphics cards in the RTX family have been through this downtrend in selling price.

Earlier this year, Nvidia announced that it will discourage the crypto miners by reducing the hash rate of their RTX series GPUs. However, new RTX 3090’s are still available with the old hash rate even after this much dip in the price. The only GPU that still holds the flag of being the most expensive is unsurprising, the RTX 2080.

The price of RTX 3080 has fallen down to 11%, whereas the AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 XT is now available at 6% less price than it was before May 2021. Even both companies, Nvidia and AMD have reduced the prices of their flagship GPUs, still, these high-end cards are far beyond the reach of budget gamers and their MSRP price.

So there is a long way to go when these graphics cards will down on a sweet spot between affordability and performance. Till then you can satisfy your gaming craving with mid-range graphics cards that won’t allow you to break your bank account and will deliver optimal performance in gaming.

Reasons Behind Dip in Prices of GPUs

There are many reasons behind the downfall in the selling prices of graphics cards around the globe. Nvidia and AMD are putting more effort to increase the supply of in-demand graphics cards. By looking at a huge demand for GPUs in the crypto mining industry, both companies are looking forward to introducing CMP (Crypto mining processors) in their future chips.

Rumors are that Nvidia is working day and night to develop a powerful CMP chip that will outperform the RTX 3090 in mining. This might give Nvidia more edge over AMD when it comes to holding the crown for being the market leader.

Another reason might be the downward trend in crypto mining all over the world. Crypto mining has been banned in China, this has enabled more circulation of GPU supply in other parts of the world. We all know that China was at the top of Bitcoin mining before this government crackdown.

According to an estimate, more than 700,000 graphics cards were bought in the first Quater of 2021. And this was the main reason for inflated prices and the shortage of GPUs around the world.

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