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How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely

GPU shipping process

Finally, here comes the time to say Goodbye to your graphics card and ship it to the new owner. Graphics cards are very sensitive to bumps and jumps, so extra care is needed to transport them safely to their final destination. Now, there are a number of ways through which you can do this. And in this guide, we will disclose some of the safest methods to ship your graphics card to its new home.

Shipping a Used Graphics Card

Here are some of the most effective methods to follow:

Use the Original Box

Shipping a Used Graphics Card
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If you are the first owner of the graphics card, then you might have the original box with you. The box used by the manufacturer to ship the graphics card can be re-used for the same purpose as well.

Most graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD are wrapped with anti-static bags for added protection. Shipping your GPU with the original box gives more trust to the end-consumers as well.

Use Anti-Static Bags (Highly Recommended Solution)

You might have learned about static electricity in your Physics class. Components like hard drives and graphics cards are susceptible to static electricity. To avoid any damage to your GPU, it’s better to pack it inside an anti-static bag before shipping it.

Anti-Static Bags
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Anti-static bags also have small air bubbles around them to protect against any bumps during transport. Moreover, these types of bags are cheaper and easy to find in your local computer shop.

Cardboard Box

These are traditional boxes that people use to ship different numbers of items. These are usually made up of cardboard and can be used for smaller electronics items like GPUs, hard drives, ram, power supply as well. These types of boxes are ideal for shipping bulky graphics cards with bigger dimensions.

How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely
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Make sure the box that you use is somewhat similar in the dimensions of your GPU. Obviously, there is no sense in using a TV cardboard box for shipping a graphics card. And if you have that much bigger box, then don’t forget to put paper padding on either side to prevent any movement.

You can also use packing peanuts inside the box to fill it up and then place your GPU in-between them.

Carrying Case

proper way to ship a GPU
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For extra protection and safety, you can opt for a heavy-duty carrying case. Such types of cases are highly durable and have extra layers of protection.

If you are shipping computer hardware on large scale, then these types of carrying cases are ideal to have in your store. However, these are expensive to get, unless you are in a business that needs to ship computer hardware more often.

Just to be on a Safe Side

In case you don’t have access to any of the above items, then you can wrap your GPU inside a thick layer of newspaper or normal bubble wraps as well.

But don’t go for:

  • Zip lock bags
  • Normal plastic bags


Now as you are well aware of how to ship your GPU safely to any destination, it’s time to make your decision. If are selling your old graphics card on eBay, then it’s worth going with cheaper options like anti-static bags or even cardboard boxes. However, if you are a computer store that usually ships sensitive electronic equipment like graphics cards, hard drives, etc, then it’s worth going for a heavy-duty carrying case.

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